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Our unique approach offers a systematic way to derisk startups via customer discovery

The Problem

Early-stage founders often face the challenge of rushing into generating revenue and acquiring customers before properly validating their product assumptions through rigorous customer discovery.This can lead to the "false hope sale cycle" where they mistake early revenue from friendly contacts as product-market fit, only to later realize they do not have a viable product.


1. Skipping the unbiased customer discovery phase and relying on their existing network or warm introductions to find initial customers.2. Hiring sales or marketing staff prematurely before achieving real product-market fit3. Mistaking early revenue from a few customers, often from warm introductions, as product-market fit4. Failing to conduct proper cold outreach and objective interviews with potential customers to truly understand their pain pointsThe root cause is the founder's eagerness to start generating revenue quickly, which can blind them to the critical importance of first validating their assumptions through a thorough customer discovery process.This is called “happy ears” where founders are biased to see product market fit prematurely due to their deep desire to grow and succeed.

The Solution

We work with founders to discover, validate, and prove deep product market fit before attempting to scale.This involves an iterative process to develop granular customer segmentation and personas definition to determine who needs your offering the most and is happy to pay for it.It also involves developing a systematic customer discovery process by performing informal interviews with prospects designed to gather insights without biasing the subject.Finally product-market fit is attained when you are able to identify a common fine-grained customer segment and buyer persona who all have a common set of problems with similar priority. This is your first beachhead market.These customers know they have the problem you think they have and not some adjacent problem. They articulate the problem using the same language you do and they have tried and failed to solve these problems.That is early product-market fit!

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Desired Outcome

Extreme product market fit

Extreme product market fit is a state of widespread demand for a product that satisfies a critical need and crucially can be delivered scalably and efficiently.